Our Competencies


Total of  60 press lines from 50 Tons to 1600 Tons including Progressive, Transfer and G2 Robotic Line.

• G2 Robotic Line
Max 1000 Tonnes / Table 3000 mm

• Transfer Press Line
Max 1600 Tonnes / Table 5000 mm

• Progressive Press line
Max 1000 Tonnes / Table 3600 mm

• Manuel Press Line
Max 800 Tonnes / Table 2500 mm


Spot welding machines with 120 – 320 kVa power and integrated current control unit.

Cold Welding / Aluminium / CMT

Product assembly is carried out with the help of Poka-Yoke in the spot, projection, Mig / Mag welding robot cells.

• 30 Spot Welding Cells
Max 320 kVa

• 5 Robotic Spot Welding Cells
Max 90 kVa

• 4 Mig / Mag Welding Cells


Thanks to our automatic lines that can make powder coating and electrostatic (ZnFe, ZnNi, Fe) coating, surface treatment operation can be performed in house.

• Max 1800 * 750 ZnFe, ZnNi, Fe coating

•  Max 700 * 600 Epoxy Powder painting


Tefaş R&D department continues to compile its knowledge gained through Projects developed jointly with the main automobile industries in cold forming, welding and multi-coated parts’ for designing and manufacturing them.

Our experienced and specialist R&D department employees is able to provide ;

Test Competencies; Salt Spray Test, Hardness Test, Coating Thickness (X-Ray), Profile Measurement, Pulling/Tear off Test, 3D Measurement and Lazer Scan.

Product Development

Weight Lightening solutions

Alternative materials and coating solutions

Mold Designing solutions

Equipment Design solutions

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